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cliche crowd

It's full - it's clean - it's crowded
- it's wonderful.

The standard crowded Tokyo shot above, almost obligatory, was made on a Sunday afternoon in Omotesando Dori, Harajuku, Shibuya (South of Shinjuku). An expensive shopping street, not very different from those in Paris.
The two shots below were taken around the Imperial Castle. It's hard to even catch a glimpse of that castle and, anyway, if you want to see it, go see a Kurosawa movie. Or a calendar; but that definitely is a poor second choice. I took plenty of shots of Kanazawa castle, where they give you a chance.
At least, the city of contrasts cliché is well illustrated by these three pictures.

imperial cherry

imperial bench

For the rest, like many really large cities, Tokyo consists of many very different neighborhoods.
Below a choice of those we had a look at; there are many more.

Shinjuku standard

shinjuku south-east

Gyoen Park
shinjuku gyoen park

shinjuku kabuki-cho

Otsuka street

Kawasaki: all styles

Nihon Menka-en
architecture museum
traditional buildings museum

Park by the Sea
Hamarikyu pond bridge

station Hamamatsucho station


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