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Saul Bass

Samples of his work rather than highfalutin words:
Saul Bass was born in New York, USA, in 1920, and died in Los Angeles, California, 1996. From what I've read, he started out as a packaging designer, and got his first break in motion pictures from Otto Preminger, designing posters and such for The Moon Is Blue. Thankfully, Preminger hired him to do the main title design for his next movie Carmen Jones and neither of them ever looked back; except for Porgy and Bess; ample reasons for that. Business picked up after Mike Todd had Saul Bass design the end titles for Around the World in Eighty Days.

A bountiful crop of material offered in several sections
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thanks to Jim Dietz and Stefan Blau

A Remark on Remarks
There have been remarks that the design of this site and especially this section could be better. No doubt.
Just remember: I go out to give merely as complete and reliable as possible information,
and to show as many samples of his work as I can lay my hands on, giving only a taste.
In that respect, I think I succeeded. When you want to see more, go see the movies.
Anyway, I wouldn't dare presume to out-Bass Saul.
There are efforts like that on the web. I think they're pitiful.


the most complete list of his movie work around
dates, directors, alphabetical listing, posters, ads, record sleeves, book designs - the works
Genius vs. the Mediocre 

the collaboration of Saul Bass and Alfred Hitchcock
Psycho - Vertigo - North by Northwest

not only for motion pictures
unused designs, Oscar ceremonies, film festivals, other
Logos & Trademarkssome of these may surprise you
More Movie Graphicshonor where honor is due: more good artists in this field
Screen Aspect Ratioshow you hardly ever see a movie as it was meant to be seen
Bass Business Busthow the Dutch never got to see The Searching Eye
Bass BooksBooks on, about and by Bass

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