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The Moon is BlueThe Moon is BlueThe Moon is Blue

A few years ago I walked into a shop that sold movie posters, and asked the saleslady if she had anything by Saul Bass.
She shook her head and said, rather wistfully: "No. Those are very rare..."
Here are some. For movies he also did titles for, check there.

As a rule, the posters for movies can be found on the movies pages.
Most of those that were hardly or not at all used for release you can find on this page.
Many are available as originals from, and also as reprints.


Billy Wilder, 1957


Looks like advertising for USA release
of the 1954 Akira Kurosawa film
(from which it is a direct quote)
the magnificent seven
but is unused design for John Sturges'

John Frankenheimer, 1966

not used for film release

John Frankenheimer, 1966
Titles, Montage Sequences, Visual Consultation

not used for film release

unfinished movie, 1990

Steven Spielberg, 1993

not used for film release


Speaker, Art Director's Club of L.A., 1983

Oscar 63/1991 - 68/1996 - 66/1994 (twice)

Motion Picture Centennial, 1992 - 5th Israel Film Festival, 1985 - Filmex, 1985

Human Rights Watch Film Festival, NY 1988
Environment Magazine, cover/poster, 1973

Freedom of the Press, 1975

Chicago International Film Festival 1974 -1984 - 1994
(for sale)

Warsaw Symphony Orchestra - World Tour (1987)
Games of the 23rd Olympiad (1984)
Directors' Guild of America (1968)
UCLA Extension Courses (1992)

Film Posters of the 50's
The Essential Movies of the Decade
by Tony Nourmand, Graham Marsh
over 120 posters among which Anatomy of a Murder, Attack!, The Big Knife, Carmen Jones, The Man with the Golden Arm, North by Northwest, The Seven Year Itch, Some Like It Hot, Vertigo
USA Deutschland U.K. Canada
Posters 60's
USA U.K. Canada
Film Posters of the 70's
The Essential Movies of the Decade
by Tony Nourmand, Graham Marsh
over 120 posters among which Alien
USA Deutschland U.K. Canada
Film Posters of the 80's
The Essential Movies of the Decade
by Graham Marsh, Reel Poster Gallery, Tony Nourmand
over 125 posters among which The Shining
USA Deutschland U.K. Canada

Posters 60's
From Silent to Art House
by Emily King
14 pages on Saul Bass
Anatomy of a Murder - Cape Fear

USA Deutschland U.K. Canada

QZXNSSix Chapters in Design
USA Amazon Deutschland Amazon UK Amazon Canada

Vertigo (Movie Poster)
Collect a piece of Hollywood history with this 28x43cm/11"x17" poster reproduction from Universal Studios Masterprint Collection
The poster is protected by a hard plastic sleeve, with a built-in hanger on back so you can display it right away. Shipped flat, not rolled.
Look for all the others in the collection!

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