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You sometimes get the impression that there was nobody designing titles for motion pictures but Saul Bass.
But think of Maurice Binder, who made very good stuff indeed, like the James Bond 007 intro sequences;
many a good Stanley Donen title sequence, from Once More, with Feeling to Charade, Arabesque, and far beyond;
and Carol Reed's The Running Man.

007 title intro
made with a pinhole camera
Restored from National Screen Service
demo strip frame

dr. no titleyou only live twice titlegoldfinger title

arabesque title

charade title

Another good outfit was Pacific Art & Title, who did John Wayne's The Alamo,
Robert Mulligan's To Kill a Mockingbird (credited to Stephen Frankfurt), and Howard Hawks' Man's Favorite Sport?

alien title

Then there was a funny French team in the 1960s that turned out good stuff, like Cent Mille Dollars au Soleil.
There were many more, to be sure: the (uncredited) titles for Alien
have in all probability been designed by Richard Greenberg, but are so fine that they're often ascribed to Saul Bass.

I really should mention that one of my favorite photographers, Richard Avedon, made the title sequence (and did more work) for Stanley Donen's Funny Face.

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