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As fans among each other, you and I know that all Plum's work is sheer poetry—oftentimes he so far forgot himself to actually start rhyming off-stage, in a novel. All the official poetry has been playing hard-to-get. But, finally, much material has been making its appearance on the web—mostly, complete with dates.

For now, I consider it sheer fetishism to give you all titles I have found; it might well take more time to discover all those than Plum needed to write them. I'll keep you posted, however, on where to find his poems and all that, while I digest the information.
Oh, Joy!

of book/show/magazine
MusicSong title
1901'FUN' Magazine-(collected by Madame Eulalie—now defunct)
1902-1919      Punch-(collected by Madame Eulalie)
1904Sergeant BrueFrederick Rosse      Put Me in My Little Cell
1905-1906Novel Magazine-(collected by Madame Eulalie)
1906  The Beauty of Bath"Utility Lyricist"
1907The Gay GordonsGuy JonesNow That My Ship's Come Home
You, You, You
Show BoatJerome KernBill
1988 The Parrot And Other Poems Amazon.usa
2003 The Complete Lyrics of P.G. Wodehouse
— Editor Barry Day Amazon.usa


The Theater Lyrics of P.G. Wodehouse
audio cassette tape with original recordings from several of his shows
Plum's voice as well, but quality less than so-so.

All Wodehouse lyrics are listed in Barry Phelps' book
P.G. Wodehouse: Man and Myth.

You can read a lot of the Plum Poems
at what Hugh O'Connor modestly describes as
"a little website"

Here are some extremely fine copies of
old wax cylinders

Edison Records

Nesting Time - Oh, Boy!
I'm So Busy - Have a Heart
You're Here and I'm Here - Oh Lady! Lady!
A Bungalow in Quogee - The Beauty Prize
Napoleon - Have a Heart

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