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Plum on TV
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Short Stories


YearGB titleUSA title
The Pothunters Amazon.usa Amazon.cacontains The Pothunters, A Prefect's Uncle, Tales of St. Austin
The World of JeevesAmazon.usa Amazon.cacontains all Jeeves short stories
Meet Mr. Mulliner Amazon.usa Amazon.cacontains the Hollywood stories
The World of Mr. Mulliner Amazon.usa Amazon.cacontains the Pat Hobby stories
The Man Upstairs and other stories Amazon.usa Amazon.cacontents
The Man with Two Left Feet Amazon.usa
1921The Indiscretions of Archie Amazon.usa
The Clicking of Cuthbert Amazon.usa
Golf Without Tears Amazon.usa
1923 The Inimitable Jeeves Amazon.usa
Ukridge Amazon.usa Amazon.caHe Rather Enjoyed It
The Heart of a Goof Amazon.usa Amazon.caDivots
Blandings Castle (And Elsewhere) Amazon.usa
Lord Emsworth and Others Amazon.usa Amazon.caCrime Wave at Blandings
Eggs, Beans and Crumpets Amazon.usa
Nothing Serious
A Few Quick Ones Amazon.usa
Plum Pie Amazon.usa Amazon.cacontents

1973 The Golf Omnibus Amazon.usa Amazon.cacontains The Clicking of Cuthbert - The Heart of a Goof and more; alas lacking older introduction.
Fore! Amazon.usa Amazon.caGolf stories, editor D.R. Bensen
1976The Uncollected Wodehouse Amazon.usa Amazon.caOnly "uncollected" for the USA
1979 Life at Blandings Amazon.usa
contains Something Fresh, Summer Lightning and Heavy Weather
1982 Tales from the Drones Club Amazon.usa
1990 Yours, Plum Amazon.usa Amazon.caThe Letters of P.G. Wodehouse
~2000   Carry On Jeeves Amazon.usa Amazon.caAnother short story collection, yet
1990s Plum's Peaches Amazon.usa Amazon.caThe girls in Wodehouse; editor D.R. Bensen
2002Life with Jeeves Amazon.usa
Enter Jeeves Amazon.usa (15 early stories, also with Bertie's predecessor Reggie Pepper)
The Most of Wodehouse Amazon.usa Amazon.caone more short story collection
2003The Complete Lyrics of P.G. Wodehouse    
Edited by Barry Day Amazon.usa
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Lyrics and Poems
Articles and Introductions
Short Stories

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