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Articles and Introductions

Another hopeless case, trying to find them all—but who cares about a little work?
These often give a more direct view into Plum's gentle soul than his novels do.
He hates autocracy, pomposity and false pretences and will expose them all ruthlessly

These are, gradually, finding their way to web pages. As "I am not a lending library"
I just give you the links to where you can get 'em. Some are free, like Madame Eulalie, some you pay.
I'll keep this updated while I digest the information as it trickles in.
Oh, Boy, Such Joy!

Year    TitleAppeared in
An Unfinished Collection
A Forthcoming Society DramaPunch
The Next InvasionPunch
Revival of Native Grand Opera
A Novelist's Day
The Cooks and the Gaiety Broth
1902Crime and the EyesightPunch
A Talk with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle    
V.C. Magazine
1903After the Otter
1904Mr. Punch's Spectral Analysis
I.—The Ghost's Point of View
II.—The Ghost with Social Tastes
III.—A Ghostly Cause Célèbre
IV.—An Official Muddle
V.—The Baffled Banshee
VI.—A Technical Error
VII.—A Joke and a Sequel
VIII.—The Reformed Humourist
IX.—A Spectral Job
X.—The Return of the Prodigal
XI.—he Thin End of the Wedge
1903School Days
Food for the Mind
1904Man's Inhumanity to BoyPunch
1904Our Boys AgainPunch
1904The Polite PilfererPunch
1905The First Paying Guest
(A Legend)
1905The Hero and His PricePunch
1907Chatty Methods on the BenchPunch
1907The Social ReformersPunch
1915All About the Pastime of DivorceVanity Fair
1915A School for Movie Villains    V.C. Magazine    
1919All About the Income TaxVanity Fair
1931Introduction How to Tell your Friends from the Apes    
by Will Cuppy Amazon.usa
Not in 1994 Barnes & Noble reprint
though it stills says in there it is!
~1959FalconryPlayboy MagazineHey, you out there!
Anybody can help me to a copy of this?
I'll swap you one of
Fox Hunting—Who Needs It? plus
The Lost Art of Domestic Service.
1962Fox Hunting—Who Needs It?Playboy Magazine
1966A Note on HumorPLUM PIE
1966Our Man in AmericaPunch (8)PLUM PIE
1969The Lost Art of Domestic ServicePlayboy Magazine

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