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The series novels are characterized by references to their contents
I've often wanted to find in which book some situation occurred
will be adding these as I reread the books

Many of these that were playing hard-to-get are now reprinted - finally.
I have dedicated a special page to those.

Year of
Title EnglandTitle USA
1902The Pothunters
1903A Prefect's Uncle
1904The Gold Bat
William Tell Told Again
1905The Head of Kay's
1906 (revised 1920)  Love Among the Chickens
Ukridge, married! runs a chicken farm
1907The White Feather
Not George Washington The Prince and Betty Amazon.usa
co-writer Herbert Westbrook
The Prince and Betty Amazon.usa, USA
1908The Luck Stone
1909The Swoop! or How Clarence Saved England
Mike, 2 parts:
Mike at Wrykyn Amazon.usa
Mike and Psmith Amazon.usa
1909The Gem Collector
serial in Ainslee's Magazine
1910The Intrusion of Jimmy
based on The Gem Collector (1909)
A Gentleman of Leisure Amazon.usa
Psmith in the City Amazon.usa Amazon.caThe New World (?)
1912The Prince and Betty, GBNot the 1907 USA book, they say
1913The Little Nugget
1914A Man of Means
The Coming of BillThe White Hope/Their Mutual Child
1915Something New
First Blandings Castle novel
Something Fresh Amazon.usa
Psmith, JournalistThe New Fold
1916Uneasy Money
1917 Piccadilly Jim Amazon.usa
A Damsel In Distress Amazon.usa Amazon.camovie
1920The Little WarriorJill the Reckless Amazon.usa
1921The Indiscretions of Archie Amazon.usa
1922Three Men and a MaidThe Girl on the Boat
The Adventures of Sally Amazon.usa Amazon.caMostly Sally
1923Leave it to Psmith Amazon.usa
The Inimitable Jeeves Amazon.usa
1924Bill the Conqueror
1925Sam in the SuburbsSam the Sudden
1927 The Small Bachelor Amazon.usa
1928Money for Nothing Amazon.usa
1929Fish PreferredSummer Lightning
1931Big Money Amazon.usa
If I Were You
1932Doctor SallyThe Medicine Girl
Hot Water Amazon.usa
1933Heavy Weather Amazon.usa
1934Thank You, Jeeves
Right Ho, Jeeves Amazon.usa
Gussie's sozzled speech; Bertie rings the fire bell.
Brinkley Manor
1935The Luck of the Bodkins
1936 Laughing Gas Amazon.usa
1937Summer Moonshine
1938The Code of the Woosters Amazon.usa
The sinister affair of Gussie, Madeline, old Pop Bassett, Stiffy Byng, the Rev. H.P. (Stinker) Pinker, the eighteenth-century cow-creamer and the small leather-covered notebook.
1939Uncle Fred in the Springtime
1940Quick Service
1942Money in the Bank
1946Joy in the Morning Amazon.usa Jeeves in the Morning Amazon.usa
1947Full Moon
1948Spring Fever
1948Uncle Dynamite
1949The Mating SeasonJeeves and Bertie Wooster
1951The Old ReliablePhipps to the Rescue
1952Barmy in WonderlandAngel Cake
Pigs Have Wings Amazon.usa
1953Ring for JeevesThe Return of Jeeves
1954Jeeves and the Feudal SpiritBertie Wooster Sees it Through Amazon.usa
1956French Leave
1957Something FishyThe Butler Did It
1958Cocktail Time Amazon.usa
1960How Right You Are, Jeeves Amazon.usa Amazon.caJeeves in the Offing Amazon.usa
1961Ice in the Bedroom
Service with a Smile
1963Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves Amazon.usa
1964Biffen's MillionsFrozen Assets
1965The Brinkmanship of Galahad Threepwood Galahad at Blandings Amazon.usa
1967The Purloined PaperweightCompany for Henry
1968 Do Butlers Burgle Banks? Amazon.usa
1969A Pelican at BlandingsNo Nudes is Good Nudes
1970 The Girl in Blue Amazon.usa
1971Much Obliged, Jeeves Jeeves and the Tie That Binds Amazon.usa
1972Pearls, Girls and Monty BodkinsThe Plot that Thickened
1973Batchelors Anonymous
1974Aunts Aren't GentlemenThe Cat-Nappers
1977Sunset at Blandings

Wodehouse worked on the screenplays of the movies below
I skipped titles of movies merely based on his novels or plays
but many are listed in Barry Phelps' book P.G. Wodehouse: Man and Myth

A Gentleman of Leisure
filmed with Douglas Fairbanks

filmed 1937 by George Stevens, with Fred Astaire and Joan Collins

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