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As another visit to Japan, this time to see the fall colors, turned out to become a tad expensive,
we opted for those in Québec, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia.
After all, those have made quite a little name for themselves.

Naturally, there was much more to see than fall colors.
Boy, was this trip expensive - for food and drinks we paid twice as much as at home.

In general, these shots are in itinerary sequence. Arrival in Montréal, on to Québec for a drive around New Brunswick and Nova Scotia/Cape Breton. Color-wise, timing was perfect, with much less rain than we'd expected.

Apart from cities and scenes on our way, you will also find some visual detours that grabbed special attention,
like animals and rocks, lighthouses and halloween.
But the main exhibit is the Fall Colors.



New Brunswick
New Brunswick

Nova Scotia
Nova Scotia


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