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giant tourist trap

Unlike Montréal (much more a working city) one of those "UN heritage" places.
You are well advised, as a general rule, to stay away from them. The inner city, enclosed by a city wall,
is an agglomeration of junk souvenir shops and awful, awfully overpriced restaurants.
They're not all awful; for example, there was a pretty good Denny's.

They're terribly fond of their chateau dominating the city. It has a nice view, but you have to look away from what,
come right down to it, really is a giant kitschy monstrosity of a hotel.
They think so much of that thing, you find replicas all over town.
We dubbed it chateau horreur - sure, tastes differ.

chateau chateau horreur

stairs falling stairs
It's awfully steep - there are elevators to get up there, just like in Valparaíso, Chile
moss-gate_P1040371 mural_P1040377 fountain_P1040378
just don't get the impression there's nothing nice there - there's much!
like a gate covered with moss, murals, paper factories - and more
bridges_P1040360 point-that-way_P1040374 steam_P1040376
arrow shows expected direction of shot -
most military are not too smart, you know
is why they love to expire gloriously

Montréal served as the final stop
before setting out on our Fall Color Quest in earnest:
New Brunswick
Nova Scotia

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