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Canada Color


Technically speaking, I'd visited Montréal twice before. The first time doesn't count, it was just a stop on a Constellation flight CUR-AMS. The second time took a bit longer, as Ome Ben had to fix some slight malfunction of our Dakota there. I mainly remember how, after Curaçao, it was definitely weird how few blacks there were around (quite different now). And how the bars, taverns, distinguished themselves by lonely drinkers sitting at separate tables nursing their drinks.
No jolly boozers there: A sad sight.


butt safebutt safe
dated shots
(butt safes - neighborhood
just crawling with trash: junkies,
whores, pimps, even students)
butt safe


writer melon


There is a real mountain in Montréal. Well, it's a fair guess that "réal" really stands for "royal"; those guys tend to speak ƒƒrench - it's not much of a real mountain. We climbed it and I have to tell you, besides getting to be Viagra-depend... that's neither here nor there - besides getting out of breath when climbing I don't notice many old-age effects, yet (you may, reading this, though - tough). Where was I, anyway? My memory is not what it used to be...

hooneedzit kaput ice cycles

On our way up there we passed through a neighborhood that obviously had seen better days, with to us unaccustomed warning signs. It's quite a climb, with stairs and everything, and we had to pause on every platform to collect our collective breaths. There was a loon-attic running up and down those stairs like three to five times in a row. I suppose he figured it was good for him. No Comment.
Then, after all that trouble, the view was all hazy.

one more bomb scare
you get used to it after a while

Chinese holiday red-green

happy holiday
reflections reflections

view from the bridge wind
wind effect...
harbor care

All in all, nice enough a city -
and it surely beats hell out of that giant tourist trap, Québec

except for the Montréal Monstrosity of Habitat
built in 1967 by a dedicated Team of Mad Architects - for the Olympic Games
(that explains a lot)

we came back here
after the tour

started out by bus
(where to run?)

hobo watch      china lantern
watch the zombies....              a riot of color

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