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aah... the music of
the LooniSpheres

Holland Pop Festival

Would you think ripping off this stupid little logo was worth it?
Well, somebody who must have been short on creativity did.
It took a lot of effort to make him change his mind.

It was during that struggle that I discovered that, somehow, I got totally misplaced credits for the movie all over the web.
Decided not do anything about correcting that, out of revenge that I've never been paid.
But then, I changed my mind.


Quite by accident, I discovered the thing had been taken over by a web log on the Kralingen festival. I sent them a nice little letter asking them, as long as they used the logo, to at least give me a link to my own page. They removed it. Then my friend Harold Brouwer sent them a somewhat stronger letter. They removed it. ][enkie then started contacting the server, who after much prodding and finally legal threats, grudgingly did something about it.
The blog then replaced it with this image:


We still considered this an obvious case of plagiarism
and after much more back and forth the blogger tried this:

Dubble LuLLo

which would have been all right, if there had not been that previous history - still plagiarism.

What's for me so hard to understand, why should anybody rip off and then refuse to give credit to
the maker of an image you obviously think worth it to hang on to, fighting claw and tooth.
Especially since, elsewhere, this hypocrite sings and dances about how it's not decent to copy like that.

The name of this perisher is
Gerard Metekohy
clicking may explain it...

Undeserved credits
Was the 1970 Rotterdam Pop Festival as dull as this? It probably was.
So, while checking all that and other links on the page, I stumbled over some interesting stuff. In the first place, the IMDB movie database, just about the standard place on the web to go and find out things movie-wise, got some things on My Person right and missed out on some others. Compare with my own precious CV.
Just because I'm still pissed that the producers of the movie never paid me (just like the camera-man I assisted, Mat van Hensbergen), I let it all stand: So, for history, I did the photography and sound. Can't those guys read or sump'n? (As Cheech, or Chong, said 'It's right there on the license' title roll.) Besides, I'd have to pay $2.50/month for the rest of my Unnatural Life-Time® to correct it.)
But here, I wish to make clear I had nothing to do with the sound mix:
... the only complaint I have about the film is the fact that it sounded like whoever recorded the sound for the festival messed up when recording the crowd noise and went back into the studio later and recorded various people in a small room to simulate the crowd reactions.
[IMDB user comment]

So let's make this clear, right in front of all these men:
the line, of course, is from The Big Country
I only did the sound for some crummy interviews


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