aah... the music of
the LooniSpheres

Holland Pop Festival

Wee Woodstock of Holland

After all the excitement in upstate New York, the Dutch thought it might be a good idea to imitate this
and they did

In 2007, some fool insisted on ripping off that stupid little logo up there.
Took my friend ][enkie quite some effort to have him give up on that. Here's the story.

It was in 1970, give or take. Freaks and hippies from Holland and even from Belgium, Germany or France came over to join the joints and Sexually Transmittable Diseases. Not to mention pregnancies, wanted or un. There was even more fun to be had...

I was there as a sound engineer and camera assistant. Never got paid for the job, which was in honor of a Motion Picture sponsored by the Coca-Cola Company. You see, they did not only want a Woodstock, they wished to go All the Way and produce a movie about it, too. Maybe the festival broke even, but the movie certainly did not - even without paying me. But it did enable me, between changing rolls in film cassettes, to take some pictures on stage. Which is not as good a vantage point as some people might think. Anyway, here goes (I even sold some shots, so it wasn't a complete loss, even considering only the monetary POV):

Hoo Nowes

Big M

the Byrds
Pink Floyd Pink Floyd Pink Floyd
Tyrannosaurus Rex light Tyrannosaurus Rex
Hoo Hee? so don't ask riddle
Canned Heat Canned Heat jolly good!
Santana Santana Santana

lemme tellya
First-class row: It's a Beautiful Day (nice legs!) - Marshall - the Boids
the Byrd bird picked up his guitar and tried out a magnificent blast of accords
we exchanged satisfied nods hearing the result blasted back from the field

second: the Pink Floyd (that drummer is not that stupid - just zonked outta his mind)
third: Tyrannosaurus Rex, weird name for such gentle guys
four: don't know... Dr. John, the Night Tripper among them? maybe, but they sure were having fun
five: Canned Heat & the Soft Machine
(Almost) absolutely nobody in Europe then knew what Canned Heat really was
six: Santana (It's only now Willy tells me one of their groupies was casting her beady eye on me...
Aaw, I had my hands full — sorry, girlie, who and wherever you are)

spatial effects
one remarkable item there was a plastic contraption floating on the lake
created by Theo Botschuijver, it moved around by someone walking inside
the guys are still in business:
spatial effects
check them out here

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