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Douglas DC3 Dakota tail detail

Those Things Run in Families:
Douglas Aircraft

KLM's first director Albert Plesman used to say: Douglas builds good aircraft.
He was right.

KLM Koninklijke Luchtvaart Maatschappij/Royal Dutch Airlines, for all I know, has been the only airline to use all Douglas Commercial (DC) aircraft models. Always excepting the DC-1 of which, befitting the name, only one has been built.
Let us have a well-deserved look at them, in all their Glory:

Douglas Commercial 1

Douglas Commercial 2

Douglas Commercial 3

Douglas Commercial 4
Star of The High and the Mighty

Ernest K. Gann called the DC4
the best aircraft Douglas ever built
but then again, he never flew
the DC5, the DC6, DC7, DC...
see below.

Douglas Commercial 5

Douglas Commercial 6

Douglas Commercial 7
(pre Saul Bass livery)

Very impopular aircraft — I Kid You Not.
Just like the contemporary Lockheed Electra an effort to keep up by changing to turboprops—to no avail.
While the Electra (mainly labeled as the Orion) is still flying because of extremely high take-off angles,
you as good as never see a DC-7 around anymore
Boeing started to take over the game with the inferior, but way ahead of the race, jet 707.

The one this is all about:

Douglas Commercial 8
Saul Bass United livery

I spotted a proud example of the breed in 1979 on Hato Airport, Curaçao.
Beat-up and all, it looked like what it was—a sturdy old reliable.



really couldn't tell how many hours I've spent looking out at those decals

Douglas Commercial 9

Douglas Commercial 10

McDonnell-Douglas MD-80

McDonnell-Douglas MD-11

McDonnell-Douglas MD-XX

McDonnell-Douglas MD-12
neither XX nor 12 ever flew

(McDonnell-Douglas MD-95)
Boeing 717

McDonnell-Douglas Blended Wing Body

Xin Sax 40 - Boeing X48B

chronology of those numbers is a bit crazy
mainly because they wanted to give the MD series designations like MD-100, but later went back to MD-11 anyway
likewise, the MD-95, follow-up of the MD-80, might as well have been called MD9-5
(but it became the Boeing 717, of course)


more famous aircraft

Douglas Jetliners

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