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kawasaki temple

Sorry, not a great temple or religion fan myself. Even acknowledging that the Japanese don't care much about religion
and, also, don't have our revulsion for the happy swastika since the Nazis made it popular,
I do feel that they are going too far by using it as a symbol for temple on their maps. But do they care?
For all I know, it may stand for graveyard anyway - the two go together all over the world.

kawasaki temple

But you can't get around it: All over the world religion through the ages has been accumulating enormous stocks of great art, kept in marvelous buildings. Financially, they have been doing much better than politicians; even taking into account that those have really separated into an independent con-art a relatively short while ago.
Be all that as it may, it's often well worth your while to have a look at these storehouses of culture. After all, they were built to attract people.

Bibby the Lion

Eye Eaters

Wear your Tie

brine stockhouse

gorge shrine

shrine in garden
that birdhouse on the left is not a shrine at all - it carries a salt stock for slippery roads
the one next to it is in Geibikei Gorge - shrines and grave memorials are everywhere

ice lake island

friendly god

ice lake island

lotus fountain


Yodogahama detail

temple front

wood cut against sky

temple front

temple pond

temple front

temple pond
I must confess this is one garden I didn't care for too much. Messy congestion.
Its deep Zen symbolism beauty is all lost on me, with my jaundiced beholding eyes
(give me a pussy any time)

temple pussy

The three directly below are part of a shameless tourist trap - worse even than Lourdes.
sucker trap sucker trap
sucker trap

mossy gate

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