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Titanic Town


Halifax has changed a lot since Dutch-American Jan de Hartog described it in his masterwork The Captain,
when it was the starting point of the Allied convoys from America to Europe.

It came as no great surprise that Halifax has a great Maritime Museum. Among other exhibits there's the Prince William - one of the first steamships to cross the Atlantic, which I'd already mentioned when describing the very first one, the Curaçao. However, there it's called the Royal William. Don't ask me why.

Prince William or Royal William

Of course, there's a lot of attention for the Titanic - most if not all of those rescued came ashore in Halifax. I happened to meet one of them a long time ago; he had never never ever set foot on a ship or boat, or anything else that was supposed to float, again.

upstairs dive
a bit weird, that

train skyline mural

Between then and now, the harbor has changed a lot

A Good Question

good question
So William Crowell asked himself
before sailing out alone in 1936.

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