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Even though I am pushing sales for the Walt Disney Company, such as it is these days,
those guys are touchy about copyright. No kidding!
But I can feel along with them.

I give you
"The Duck Man!"

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Carl Barks has been doing Donald Duck strips for all those Golden Years. They now seem even better than the animated cartoons; certainly Donald's character was more sympathetic in the strips. It was Carl Barks who populated Ducktown with the three nephews (complete with their habit of combining three balloons into one sentence; a trick that only works for strips, not for animated cartoons, by the way), the Beagle Boys and Tycoon Scrooge McDuck, plus any number of less-famous characters. Al these only appeared in animated cartoons long after he had introduced them in his comic strips. "The Duck Man" was the name he went by at the Walt Disney Studios.
Quite an accomplishment! especially when you realize how very few screen characters satisfactorily made the transition to the printed format, and vice versa.

Take Tom and Jerry, among the best cartoons ever made, but as a strip just ugh, or yecch. The Katzenjammer Kids may be a quite decent cartoon series, but it can't hold a candle to Wilhelm Busch' original Max und Moritz (translated back to a very nice - well, you know what I mean - Hans und Freetz by Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder in the early MAD.)

the greatest

A lot of Unca Carl's stuff is available from Amazon (and, no doubt, elsewhere).

carl barks

you hear me?
You'll never be sorry - not until they yellow and fall apart.



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