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Hergé's sympathies are for the Chinaman. So are mine.
But he's not a beauty, you'll have to agree. Who's complaining?

Japanese type
These guys are less likable.
They are meant to be Japanese. Kinda hard to tell 'em apart, except for the uniforms.

noble Chinese
Hergé's idea of noble Chinese is not everybody's cup of tea, either.
For the record, the peculiar way of barking Snowy (Bobby uses (at least, in Dutch) is not because Kuifje (Tintin) will recognize that weird sound but because those poor French have no "w" - it's mostly spelled "ou" or even "h". Bobby's French barks "Ouah! Ouah!" have, in Dutch, not been translated correctly with "Waf! Waf!" but with the weird combination of vowels as per above.
As a kid, I never understood what to make of that. Now you do... That's Progress!
In later books, the translators finally got it right.
Japanese aristocrats
Japanese delegates leaving the U.N. in a huff (because there were no taxis, huh huh).
My, but they're ugly! Talk about racial stereotyping... Tatsuya Nakadai, it ain't.

weird misconceptions
Hergé should have taken a good look at who's talking here.

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