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This is an exact copy of John Wilcock's 1970 Other Scenes, one of the many underground magazines circulating then.
The freedom in publishing we enjoyed in those heady times was only won back much later, with the WWW.

The pages that follow are utterly without any
social redeeming interest. They are intended solely
to arouse your prurient interest and undermine the
morals of all god-loving Americans.
Created by an anonymous artist and first pub-
lished by the Saintly Diggers they are presented to
Other Scenes subscribers as a public service to
affirm that anything that one man can write or draw
cannot be banned, hidden away or soiled by the
narrow, dirty minds of used car salesmen, librarians,
and religious zealots posing as the guardians of our
morals. Anybody who is old enough to understand
sex is old enough to read about and practise it.
The Live & Loves of Cleopatra retells an age-
old story of interest to all. In its depiction of group
sex, masturbation, bestiality, bisexuality, sodomy,
fellatio and cunnilingus it merely records the common,
everyday pastimes of this and every era.

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For those who are really interested in this collector's classic:
Hi-Fi scans are available in BMP format on CD.Price incl. air mail $30; pay via

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