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Kees Brusse - Andrea Domburg
Rudolf Lucieer
Guus Oster - Sonja Barends
Helmert Woudenberg - Marijke Boonstra - Hugo Metsers

Wim Verstappen, 1971

Not a bad movie at all. Fine script for starters. But stiff! Then again, so was Dr. Strangelove.
Here, I never managed to lay my hands on a more-or-less complete set of stills.
My set-up was so primitive right then we washed the B/W prints in a bathtub.
But so the first Kodachrome films were developed in a bathtub. It's the same all over.

02 11

04 01


06 07


cast VD
The Cast

seems glad of sump'n

... but not of the color prints they made for this one!
Internegatives very unsharp; often printed emulsion side backwards (not realizing they were dupes).
This did not result in the disaster it could have been, audience-attracting wise.
What really got to me was how magazine reproduction was really much better than photographic prints.
It should be inferior - what can you conclude but that the photo labs' techniques were far behind the publishing business'?


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