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Het Verboden Bacchanaal

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Rijk de Gooijer — Siem Vroom
Hugo Metsers — Pleuni Touw
Jaap Stobbe

Wim Verstappen, 1981

Sincere apologies... there are many more actors in this film
and even in more important roles
I'm ashamed, but just haven't got the details right now
Nor do I have many stills, for the same reason(s).
I'll try to lay my hands on more and let you have them.

What could I have to say? Nothing much. Haven't even seen it.
We were shooting in a mansion in Amsterdam North — that's North of the IJ-harbor, really a different town. Other stuff was done in den Haag (what's called the Hague), my old hang-out. The movie is set in one of its suburbs, Wassenaar, one of the many places in Holland where their very many very rich live.
When we got hungry, we (braying "eeya-eeyah-oh!") sent a delegate to MacDonald's around the corner. Too much alternatively healthy food in the catering, but she was a dear notwithstanding. Besides, as I insisted on getting more money for the gig, Frans Rasker finally gave in - well, caved in, really - remarking that would have to come out of the catering. Figuring it out, that would have meant less than $0.50/day/crew member. Much less. Then, Frans went way over budget! Just don't blame me if you went hungry, My Fellow Gypsies...
Like Pastorale 1943, based on a novel by Simon Vestdijk. Marc Felperlaan did cinematography. A lot of shots were done twice, from two angles, to avoid over-the-axis problems in editing. As I never saw the results, I can't tell you if this worked. But surely, not a very subtle way to accomplish it: Kurosawa, it ain't—it was Wim Verstappen who directed, and Frans Rasker produced for Spieghel Filmproducties n.v.
Music by Ruud Bos.

cover of sound-track
45 r.p.m. release

checking into hotel
to prolong the family orgy
Siem Vroom
Pleuni Touw

the main protagonists


It's Alive!
Wim Verstappen and prop
like a Father to his crew, blast him

Rijk de Gooijer does
Wim Verstappen imitation
Jaap Stobbe
a Hagenaar


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