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Baboon Canyon
Baviaanskloof is really unspoiled. For once, not a tourist-sucking lie! With a, for us normal, car you can only enter it from the west - from there on to get to the eastern exit you need a 4x4 (which many Suid Afrikaners would consider 'normal' anyway). There are farms where they do take in lodgers; maybe there are even full-time facilities. All very subdued and certainly with no hi-rise apartments around.

From the west, then, you access the valley from the Nuwekloof (New Canyon), a pretty recently built pass. It can only be called spectacular, and you can't say I didn't try to do it justice. The order they're in is driving from west to east. Enjoy!
















The Finchley farmhouse we stayed in (and very pleasant it was, too) had a water supply from deep inside what I'd call a real canyon. We went in there, accompanied by a friendly dog, and noticed how those water pipes had been rebuilt at least twice. Too bad it was so dark; with my rather primitive stereo camera I had little chance to come up with anything but mostly underexposed negatives. It reminded me most of the Swiss Aareschlucht but with much less water streaming through.





Yes, they still Do tend to Darkness. That's atmosphere, mon.
No kidding... mysterious place.


South Africa

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