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Poland of the 1970s made a charmingly backward impression.
No doubt this had to with the not-so-charming communist regime, still going strong then.
Farmers were plowing with horses, followed around by hungry mobs of birds.
That's like 1950 Holland—itself pretty retarded then.

a fabulous city square




vines wall tree

My personal trouble there was that, whatever I ordered from the menu, I always seemed to get those blasted klopsiki—horrible meatballs, guaranteed to make you burp for hours. In the supermarkets, shelves were as good as empty and when you asked for some article, the standard reply was "Ni mé". That's what it sounded like, and it stood for (in German) "Nicht mehr", "no more". On the other hand, they had rum from the original Cuban Bacardi factory, the best donuts I ever tasted, great ice-cream and, wow, chocolate! Should you visit there, don't forget to try the smitankowa, not made with milk, but with real rich cream.
Green Valley

Many Polish country roads are lined with cherry trees; very practical.
We were there in the height of the cherry season. Nice!

Jesus Christ!
If you love religion as much as I do, visit Lourdes and the Pope with me.


barrier tree
strunk pondtronk

The weirdest experience only came some twenty years later, when I was reading a description of a battle in Solzhenitsyn's August 1914 and it started growing on me that I knew that location. And, yes, we had passed through that rather desolate landscape he described there: low hills on which grew meager fir woods, interspersed with sandy plains. Some writer!
river sunset

Don't be fooled by this seemingly peaceful scene.
It's an East-European border, and those white dots are signs, warning:
"Trespassers will be shot!"
I would never have dared take the picture, had I noticed them at the time.

Picture Book

Which reminds me...

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