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Was there a long time ago, at the height of the hippie season.
Just because you were not an Arab, kids ran after you on the streets shouting "Hippie! Hippie!"
A Moroccan who'd lived in Amsterdam told me how to say "*u** o**!" in Arab to vendors and beggars.
It came in very handy.

But those hippies knew what they were doing. A key of kif cost you 40 Dirham - that's eight Yankee dollars, folks.

the shot on the left, top row, was made from the balcony-terrace of Café Arganta
blown up in April 2011—no doubt by pious adherents of the Religion of Peace

Djmaa_el Fnaasnack king's ponds
mosque adobe village medina

One of these days I will upload Kasse-el-Kif Zirkhani M'hamed where a Moroccan shows the art of cutting kif.
He kept complaining that the tobacco they mixed it with (for smooth burning) was so expensive: it was taxed.

Frustratingly, in Morocco you could only get French Ektachrome.


But here some 6x9 Real Rochester transparencies.

Imi'n TanoutImi'n Tanout



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