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Tierra del Fuego
East Coast: Argentina

West Coast: Chile
Beagle Channel

A View from the Bridge

One of those names that get the imagination going...
Mysterious fires in the night seen by Magellán on his voyage... the exploration by Darwin on The Beagle...

Matter of fact, Charles Darwin really was our travel guide. Others give mere details on where to sleep and eat (Lonely Planet notably always preferring Italian food), how many kilometers you have to drive and all that. Darwin really tells you what to look out for and at.
Voyage of the Beagle in many ways is much more interesting than The Origin of Species, anyway. Not only is it much better written - the interpunction of OoS is just horrible - he also allows himself to make many more personal observations.

dig the testicles


The stories Darwin tells on the Yamana indians almost make you shrink away physically.
Just look at the conditions they lived in, in that climate...

farmdusthill cross

The ferry across the Magellán Strait at Punta Delgada [Narrow Point] takes you to an extension of the pampas.
Rolling land with very low hills - they had make do for that habitual cross on top. Untarred roads - Eat dust!


crossing the border Chile-Argentina takes hours
pass through Navy base Rio Grande: ¡Malvinas!

green treestreemoss, trees and watermoss, trees and water

in the south there are trees again - and mountains

moss, trees and water

Lago Fagnanolake lightLago FagnanoLago Fagnano


over which they drive like maniacs

Paso Garibaldirailrail


on to

narrow view

Picture Book

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