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Plants & Trees
With just about as much rain in a week as we, in Curaçao, get in a year, small wonder there's a rich vegetation.
The mind boggles and the eye goggles.

weird tree

There are flowers, trees and moss all over. There are parks, gardens, city streets and forests. Plants wherever you look. Some are interfered with, some seem to interfere with themselves.
Re those forests, this is one more occasion where I was really sorry I did not bring my stereo camera. (Always take it along! Yet another of those too many F.L.W.s - famous last words.)

moss moss
Baden Powell
on the trail of our mighty
Boy Scout leader
terror of the Boers
green light
trim that hedge
green street
cherry transformer
moss tree
moss tree
moss tree
moss tree
toad stool
moss tree
pruned tree
pruned tree
pruned tree
pruned tree
pruned tree
this one really got to me...
pruned tree
purple and green
stone lamp bloom

lamps and lanterns

tree growth

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